Surviving “Paradise”

Follow a woman who moves into a new town with great expectations—only to be met by a ridiculous set of people and circumstances.

The story begins when a forty-seven year old Southern woman moves to Sarasota, Florida (also known as Paradise), and finds it to be anything but. This book looks at the hilarity and the absurdity of horrible, loud, criminal neighbors; an inappropriate, horny cop; a jealous, bitchy wife; other neighbors behaving “badly”; an ineffective and dishonest homeowners’ association; and all things redneck and white trash encountered in this odd, unfriendly, rude, strange little town.

Neighborhood mayhem extraordinaire!!

4.0 out of 5 stars “Satire is….”

Eli C. Walker
This review is from: Surviving ”Paradise” (Paperback)
The writer, E. Clarkson, once said, “Satire is comedy the uninformed take seriously.” The review by “willneverknow” is a perfect example of a myopic perusal by one who looked for themselves in the text, and found the reference too close to home. As such, the review is undeserved.

Take a look at the ingredients Ms. Shaver offers: Single, self assured, southern, “empty nester” leaves the safety of her established southern home and culture to start a new life in a beautiful part of the country and is socked that all is not perfect! She is much like a bather who sees the allure of a peaceful pond and jumps in, without first checking the pool for sharp objects (shady developers and homeowners associations) or snakes (horny cops) waiting in the reeds. Litter banks with first generation immigrant “Euro Trash” and the story stops being about the swim and becomes about getting the hell out of the water! What single woman has never moved alone into a new area and found herself in a similar bind? What could not go wrong? More importantly, how can this NOT be funny?

While taken in the proper perspective, this new millennium perspective of life in “burbs” is could be re-titled “Erma Bombeck’s The Grass is Greener over the Meth Lab”. While Ms. Shaver is no Faulkner, the writing is sound for a first work. I can recommend this book for a light, afternoon read; and I look forward to her next endeavor.


This review is from: Surviving ”Paradise” (Paperback)
Obviously the person who wrote the negative comment did not read the book and attacked the author and not the writing. Also, this person was part of the on-going problem in the sub-division. The book is entertaining, funny and “Surviving Paradise” in that particular location would have been a challenge for anyone. Take the time and read the book. You will thoroughly enjoy it!!!!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars Honest and Funny

This review is from: Surviving ”Paradise” (Paperback)
The Story could happen anywhere. The author was shocked at the crazy cast of characters she encountered and entertained me for a couple of hours with her hilarious style of writing. Which was just like having a cup of coffee with a close friend and they are catching me up with the events of their life. Although we never would use the f word, that must have been for shock value and to sell a book . I came away thinking she stood her gound and was very courageous.

5.0 out of 5 stars Surviving “Paradise”- Susan Willoch Shaver

Agnes S. Willoch
This review is from: Surviving “Paradise” (Paperback)
Entertaining book about single woman living in gulf coastal Florida around difficult neighbors, whom the author takes on with law enforcement, lawyers, etc. A good read.

1.0 out of 5 stars HORRIBLE BOOK and terrible writing

This review is from: Surviving ”Paradise” (Paperback)
Unfortunately the author, Susan Shaver, is completely out of touch w/ reality. Because she is a lonely woman w/ way too much time on her hands, she decided to criticize one of the most beautiful areas in the country, Sarasota FL. If she werent so bitter at the world she’d see this fact. Its funny how she had problems with EVERYONE around her….after awhile Susan needs to take a look at HERSELF. Paradise is a happier place without her. Good luck Georgia! ps- the writing in this book is just….bad.

Sports, Pop Culture and Surviving “Paradise”

This blog is about my book Surviving “Paradise” and about two things I love, sports and pop culture.  I want to engage with readers and fellow lovers of all things pertaining to sports and pop culture.  For those of you who are not familiar with Surviving ‘Paradise”, let me give you a brief synopsis!

A Southern woman relocates to Sarasota, Florida, also known as Paradise and finds it to be anything but!  A look at the hilarity and absurdity of horrible, loud criminal neighbors; an inappropriate, horny cop; a jealous bitchy wife; other neighbors behaving badly; a dishonest and ineffective homeowners’ association; and all things redneck and white trash that seem to permeate this strange, unfriendly, rude little town.  A parallel universe to be exact!!

It is available at Amazon.com in paperback for $9.99 and kindle edition for $3.03.  Interwoven into this story of craziness that one simply cannot makeup are mentions of sports and pop culture, two of my passions.  A lot of love is given to both Atlanta, my hometown, and Georgia Tech, one of my great loves.  Thanks guys and let’s BLOG!!