4th Quarter – Bama will win 3rd title in 4 years

It is in the 4th quarter and I know it is isn’t “over” yet, but Alabama is going to win their 3rd BCS Championship in  4 years!  First of all, congratulations to Alabama and Coach Saban.  What a total and complete domination.  Already over 435 yards total offense.  Score is Alabama 42 – Notre Dame 7.  Nine minutes still to go in the 4th quarter but stick a fork in this game, it is done!  Too much Lacey, Yeldon and McCarron.  Not to mention the Bama defense.

Really disappointed that Notre Dame was not able to make more a game of this.  It is supposed to be the National Championship Game.  It is not supposed to be a tail kicking!  Don’t want to disparage the Irish, but this is a bit of an embarrassment.  Notre Dame scores to make it 42 – 14 but I do not see any real miracle “comeback”.

Don’t want to beat a dead horse, but, I really wanted to see east coast vs. west coast in this game, as I believe many across the county did.  Alas, not to be.  This is what we got.  Sometimes, the “big” game does not live up to the hype.  I eagerly await the final standings. Where will Oregon be?  What about Stanford?  We know Alabama is no.1.  Painful to say, but what about UGA?

Do not forget Ohio State finished 12 -0 under Urban Meyer in his first year.  Can’t wait to see the final rankings!

Final score to follow…6 minutes remaining!

Alabama 42 – Notre Dame14  All hail Bama!  BCS National Champs!

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