A little Australian Open news

Last night, Roger Federer won his opening round match at the Australian Open defeating Paire of France, 6- 2, 6- 4, 6-1.  Roger, who has not played competitive tennis for two months after doing an exhibition tour in South America late last year which drew crowds that only a rock star could relate to, looked to be right on his game (of course!)  Next up for Roger is Davydenko.  In other action, 2 Serena Williams won but rolled her ankle so here’s to hoping Serena will be OK and can be at the top of her game for this event.  Number 1 seed Azarenka advanced in two sets.  The lead singer for LMFAO was in her box as they are friends.  He is a huge tennis fan and actually designs tennis clothing.  6 Del Potro advanced in a three set win and a newly svelte 7 Tsonga (appears to have dropped 15 pounds) advanced with a three set win over fellow Frenchmen Llodra.  3 Murray of Great Britain was also a winner in three sets.

Live coverage of this event is on ESPN2 beginning at 9:00 pm EST and continuing on to 3:00 am EST.  Replays begin on ESPN2 at 2:00 pm EST the next day.  Roger visited the set today and talked about his plans for this year, the fabulous experience he had late last year on his exhibition tour of South America. and other stuff.  I just gotta say, I know I am officially a “Fed Fanatic” but how can you not love Roger Federer?

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