A little Sports/Pop Culture gossip???

I do not do much of this, want to keep it at another level so to speak, but here it is…Yankee great Derek Jeter, recovering from ankle surgery is apparently seeing one of his former gal pals, NO, not the beautiful Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights, but model, Hannah Davis.  They were spotted being very cozy at Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City.  Derek said they had not seen a lot of each other recently because he had been in Florida, and she did not like Florida!  Interesting…he said he was working on her.

Well, I get the not liking Florida thing, nice place to visit but…see my book Surviving “Paradise”.  I am now convinced the west coast is the “bomb”, anywhere between San Diego and Los Angeles along the shore…ah…dreaming for now!

Hope things work out for Mr. Jeter and his lovely lady!

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