A little warmer in the bay area

Out in San Francisco, the weather is a little warmer than in Denver!  San Francisco and Green Bay are tied for the fourth time in the game, 24 – 24 midway in the 3rd quarter.  Kaepernick has thrown a costly interception but has also hurt the Packers with his ability to escape the pocket and run the ball.  Winner of this game will play the winner of the Atlanta – Seattle game which takes place tomorrow.

In other news, Brian Kelly is going to stay at Notre Dame after flirting with the NFL.  He is in the process of negotiating what is sure to be a very “sweet” deal.

Update: Kaepernick just ran in for another TD, 163 yards on the ground so far.  He has passed for a nice bit of yardage as well.  Final on this game later…here it is: San Francisco 45 – Green Bay 31   (another surprising outcome)

Personally, I am looking forward to the Australian Open which gets underway down under Sunday and Monday.  Coverage will be on ESPN2.  It is ROGER FEDERER time…one of my favorite things!

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