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Baltimore takes care of Cleveland 23-16 on Thursday night football.  Browns had chance to scores as time ran out.  Must say, very impressed with Browns’ quarterback Brandon Weeden out of Oklahoma State.

Stanford leading Washington 13-10 in 4th quarter.  Is this the same Stanford that handled USC???  Is Stanford (ranked number 8) having an off night or is Washington better than expected?

Update on Thursday’s Ellen DeGeneres show: Dwight Howard, now a LA Laker was also on the show.  He is very funny, actually came out of one of the private Christian schools in Atlanta to play in the NBA.  No college time for him, thus the nickname ‘Man-Child” (along with Superman after wearing the cape in the Slam Dunk contest!!)  He seems very excited to be playing with Kobe in LA in pursuit of a ring (Kobe will be on Ellen today).  Even when Howard played for Orlando, he spent the off season living out in LA (smart guy!)  He sure seems to be a happy camper.

Also, Jennifer Garner dropped another funny morsel of TMI when she made a comment when asked about having more children.  She said she did not plan to but alluded to anything being possible because of hubby Ben Affleck being, shall we say, extremely virile!!

Washington just scored to go ahead of Stanford with under four minutes in 4th quarter.  Can Stanford get it done?  The answer is no!  Upset in Pac – 12.  This game surprised me.  Pac-12 is going to be very competitive this year.

Well, TGIF!  Tomorrow is Saturday and that means College Football all day and night!

Also, Ryder Cup is underway.  Tiger paired  with Steve Stricker and Rory playing with McDowell for  Europe (the two boys from Northern Ireland).  More TGIF to follow with Ryder Cup action and College Football Saturday preview!

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