A Triple Crown Winner and bye bye Valentine!

For the first time in forty five years, we have a Triple Crown Winner in MLB (no, not horse racing!)  Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera has achieved this distinction and joins the ranks of other notables such as Lou Gehrig, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle and Frank Robinson.  Some pretty lofty company he is keeping now!  Congratulations to him!

Breaking MLB news earlier today:  The Boston Red Sox have fired manager Bobby Valentine after one year.  Is this any surprise.  No!  There was such a huge disconnect between him and the players, had he stayed, the players would have been jumping ship like it was the Titanic!  Still, hard to feel Valentine is the ONLY reason for the Red Sox disappointing season.

College Football news:  UGA receiver Micheal Bennett is out for the season.  Big loss for them (although they are so deep everywhere) as he was their leading receiver.  He tore an ACL in practice this past Tuesday so they will head to Columbia, SC  this weekend to face the Gamecocks without him.

College Football game tonight features 13 USC (that would be the real USC, the one in Southern California) vs. Utah.

NFL Thursday night game is Arizona vs. St. Louis.  Interesting flip flop between these two teams.  Years ago, the Cardinals were in St. Louis, and the Rams, were out on the west coast, formerly the LA Rams.  Just a little tid-bit from NFL years past!

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