ABC gets Amanda Knox interview

ABC and Diane Sawyer have won the bidding war to land the first interview with Amanda Knox, the young American who was accused, convicted and then acquitted of the murder of the British student in Italy.  You know, it was a huge and ongoing story that captured the nation for quite awhile.  On April 30th, the day her book, Waiting to Be Heard is released, Amanda will sit down with Diane for a one on one interview which will air in prime time.  She will not be paid for the interview.  Never mind, she will make a fortune from her book (must be nice) and she has already been paid a huge advance.

This story held my interest for quite sometime.  At first, I thought she was perhaps guilty along with her then Italian boyfriend.  Her behavior was a bit bizarre in the aftermath of the horrific events.  But then as the evidence came out, there was absolutely no DNA evidence that placed either of them at the crime scene.  I then began to believe they were in fact innocent; and it had been the awful act of the one individual they had tried and convicted in a separate trial (Rudy Guede).  It seemed the strange Italian prosecutor had in in for her and was determined to paint a picture of her that was simply not true.  Anyway, she is clearly a strong young woman to have survived all that she went through and I expect her book to be a fascinating read,

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