All hail the Harbaugh brothers!

Would you have ever thought it?  I have to admit, I would not have predicted this result!  Baltimore “upsets” New England in Foxborough, MA (yes, I do know how to spell it, I just have liked to use my own abbreviation “Foxboro” in other posts) 28 – 13.  Bit late with this post, had to watch House of Lies with the incomparable Don Cheadle, who I think is sweet on Kristin Bell in this year’s episodes.  Also, Californication is now on so let me wrap this up!

Congrats to John Harbaugh, Joe Flacco, the Baltimore Ravens and Ray Lewis!  The Ray Lewis “farewell tour” will continue right onto New Orleans and the Super Bowl.  I thought Atlanta-San Francisco was a toss up, even being a Falcon fan, and it was close but 49er’s won.  I never thought Tom Brady and the Patriots would not win, but they lost!  The Ravens poured it on in the second half, multiple interceptions of Mr. Perfect Tom Brady and the Ravens are going to New Orleans.  Especially sweet for Baltimore after last year’s heartbreaking loss to New England in that AFC title game.  Should be really interesting match up.  Instead of the Manning brothers, we will have the Harbaugh brothers match up (as coaches, not players).

Interesting note: Joe Flaco, Ravens QB has thrown for 853 yards, 8 TD’s and 0 interceptions in this post season.

Will be a great game.  Now, please, what time will Roger Federer be on tonight/tomorrow am at the Australian Open?

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