And now we have the BCS standings…

Here it is!  The BCS poll!  1 Notre Dame, 2 Alabama, 3 Florida, 4 Oregon, 5 Kansas State, 6 Stanford (thank you!), 7 UGA, 8 LSU, 9 Texas A & M and 10 South Carolina.

This means Florida will get a BCS berth and Oregon will as well.  Oregon will likely play Kansas State (winner of the Big 12) in the Fiesta Bowl. Florida will probably head to the Sugar Bowl.

I am delighted to see the respect given to Stanford at number 6, who will play Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.

All the Bowl match ups will be announced shortly.  One we can count on, The National Championship game will be 1 Notre Dame vs 2 Alabama.

Another thing we can count on, everyone will not be happy, and will not agree with the selection process!


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