And the Yankees win…

The New York Yankees are back in the American League Championship series after defeating the Orioles 3-1 (with A Rod benched?)!  They will face off against the Detroit Tigers.  We now await the winner of tonight’s game between Washington and St. Louis to see who will face the San Francisco Giants in the National League Championship series!

After seeing the movie Argo, (again, this movie is a must see as Ben Affleck has truly cemented himself as one of Hollywood’s most talented directors), I want to mention another movie that is coming out November 2nd, Flight!  This movie stars Denzel Washington who is always fantastic.  It also stars among others, Don Cheadle, a not talked about enough but superb actor and human being!  It is a bit of a miracle landing on the Hudson River story with a twist!!  Looks really good.

Go see Argo.  People will be talking about this movie when Oscar nominations come out!!

Tomorrow, College Football and Roger Federer vs. Andy Murray!!

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