AP and Coaches Polls out…

AP Poll and Coaches Poll are out:  AP Poll is as follows: 1 Notre Dame, 2 Alabama, 3 UGA, 4 Ohio State, 5 Florida, 6 Oregon, 7 Kansas State, 8 Stanford, 9 LSU, and 10 Texas A & M.

Coaches Poll is as follows: 1 Notre Dame, 2 Alabama, 3 UGA, 4 Oregon, 5 Florida, 6 LSU, 7 Kansas State, 8 Texas A & M, 9 Stanford, and 10 South Carolina.

The highest ranked ACC team in each poll is FSU at 13 in AP Poll, 12 in Coaches Poll.  Clemson comes in at 15 in the AP Poll, 14 in Coaches Poll.

Interestingly, in Coaches Poll, Notre Dame received 56 first place votes, Alabama received 2, and UGA received 1!  That must have been courtesy of Richt??  Ha Ha  Just kidding (or not?)

BCS Poll out tonight, not likely to differ much from the Coaches Poll, but we shall see.

Also, call me crazy, but I actually think Georgia Tech has a shot at beating FSU in ACC Championship Game.  Yes, I did watch the UGA-GT game yesterday.  Still, I am just saying, on any given Saturday….OK, too early to go there!

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