AP Poll and Coaches Poll out

The AP and Coaches Polls are out.  Here we go!  AP Poll: 1) Notre Dame, 2) Alabama, 3) UGA, 4) Ohio State, 5) Oregon, 6 Florida, 7 Kansas State, 8 LSU, 9 Texas A & M, 10 FSU  (Stanford is #11).  Coaches Poll: 1 Notre Dame, 2 Alabama, 3 UGA, 4 Oregon, 5 FSU, 6 Florida, 7 LSU, 8 Kansas State, 9 Clemson, 10 Texas A & M (again, #11 Stanford).

One glaring difference, besides of course the fact that Ohio State cannot be ranked in other polls besides AP, FSU at number 5 in Coaches Poll, #10 in AP.  Oregon stayed at 5, 6 and Kansas State at 7, 8.  Clemson is in top ten in Coaches Poll, not in AP.  Stanford is on the cusp in both.  Very big game next weekend between Stanford and UCLA.

BCS Poll out tonight!

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