AP Poll out, Oregon #1 at last…for now

The AP Poll is out (Coaches Poll not yet out) and justice for Oregon at last.  The top ten are as follows: 1 Oregon, 2 Kansas State, 3 Notre Dame, 4 Alabama, 5 Georgia, 6 Ohio State, 7 Florida, 8 LSU, 9 Texas A & M, and 10 Florida State.  The two South Carolina schools finish at 11 Clemson and 12 South Carolina.

Oregon has two very tough games ahead of them, the first this upcoming weekend when Stanford comes to Eugene.  Nice to see the Ducks at #1 today, at least in this poll.

WTA Year End Tournament results: first semifinal is completed and Djokovic punched his way into tomorrow’s final with a three set win over Del Petr, 4 – 6, 6 – 3, 6 – 2.  Federer and Murray will face off a little later this afternoon.

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