Ashley Judd – first divorce and now Karl Rove

Ashley Judd just can’t catch a break right now.  First, the sad announcement of the end of her marriage to Indy racing star Dario Franchetti (so hot!!) and now, Karl Rove is on the attack.  There have been rumors that Ashley is mulling over running for the senate from her home state of Kentucky.  We all know how Ashley loves her Kentucky Wildcats!  She would be up against Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell.  Karl Rove has launched an anti-Ashley attack, with the opening round a video entitled “Ashley’s Story”.  He depicts her as a radical Hollywood liberal who has said a bunch of stuff that the people of Kentucky are not going to like.  Well, gee, she hasn’t even decided whether she is going to run for the senate from what I can tell?  My, oh my, it seems like someone is very concerned, or just has too much time on their hands.  Why don’t we wait and see what she decides and then people can express their thoughts and concerns.  Really people.  I would be extremely upset about splitting from Dario, he is such a dashing, Scottish gentleman and my Indy insider has always told me he was the epitome of class!  Still sad to hear about their divorce.

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