I am back, sort of, but well we shall see

Um..Hey guys!  I published this post earlier and it did not happen? So, apologies.  Anyhow…love living in Cali desert but apartment living is challenging, imagine that.  Had difficult people move out today, at 5:00 am, SERIOUSLY?  And I thought I saw it all in Surviving “Paradise”?  Apparently not. What has happened to civility and courtesy?  Guess it is gone with with wind.  Meanwhile, script based on my book was a finalist in the November 2018 La Live Film Festival (yay!) and I have spoken with a producer and sent him the script.  NOW…PATIENCE.  Oh, so hard!

How about the Kentucky Derby?  Winner disqualified, and a new winner.  Has not happened before.  NBA playoffs in full swing.  Mr. Federer returns to clay court acti0n in Madrid for the first time in three years!!  That is something to get exited about.  So….hello and hope all is well.

Maybe next time, some recent movies discussion??  Cheers!

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