Bad news for Lakers

Kobe Bryant is out indefinitely with a severe ankle sprain sustained in last night’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta.  Really bad news for the Lakers and the loss last night was also a setback.  With Pau Gasol also out until April, I now have got to really wonder if that promise Kobe (Dwight &  Nash) made about making the playoffs can happen?  I am sure Kobe planned on playing in each and every game when he handed down that guarantee.

In college basketball all the conference tourneys are getting underway, all over the TV Channels and they will continue into the weekend and wrap up on Selection Sunday.  Going to be really interesting to see who takes Big 12, Big East, Big 10, SEC and ACC – perhaps a Duke- Miami final?  Stay tuned…

Update on Kobe: Jalen Rose of ESPN says Kobe will miss two games, the Lakers will go 1-1 and then Kobe will be back and the Lakers will make the playoffs!  Thanks for that optimistic prediction!

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