Basketball updates…

New L A Lakers coach Mike D’Anotni is recovering from knee surgery and will fly from NY to LA on Wednesday.  It has not been announced when he will be on the floor coaching the Lakers.   OK… will wait and see how this unfolds!  Rumor is Phil Jackson was stunned when he received a phone call on Sunday evening.  He thought he was going to be able to make a decision this past Monday.  Apparently, the Lakers made the decision a bit earlier.

Grand finale of today’s college basketball marathon, 9 Duke vs. 3 Kentucky (from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta).  Always interesting to see Pitino’s latest edition of “one and done” superstars.  Duke still has two of the Plumlee brothers, namely Mason Plumlee and they also have Seth Curry back.  This should be a nice wrap up to a full day of college basketball.  Big admirer of Coach K!!

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