BCS, NFL and a few other tid bits

Few more NFL finals: Seattle over Minnesota, 30 – 20; Tampa Bay 42 – Oakland 32; and New York Giants fall to Pittsburgh and Big Ben, 24 -20.  Eli could not work his 4th quarter magic in this one.

Falcons and Cowboys getting underway.  GO FALCONS!!  (Falcons trail 0 – 6 in 1st quarter).

BCS rankings are out!!  1 Alabama, 2 Kansas State, 3 Oregon (finally!), 4 Notre Dame, 5 UGA (OK, I must deal with this!), 6 Florida, 7 LSU, 8 South Carolina, 9 Louisville, and 10 FSU.  Interesting the subtle differences in this poll from the AP and Coaches.  I don’t know what to make of the impact of the computer polls.  Apparently the computer polls are not a fan of Oregon. Well, with two ranked opponents remaining on their schedule and only only one (Texas) remaining on the Kansas State schedule, this could get really interesting.  At the end of the day, anyone who does not think that the two best teams in the country right now are Alabama and Oregon has some explaining to do.  Obviously, the computers cannot talk to us, so we shall see as the season winds down.

Tomorrow, ATP Year End Finals in London get underway.  Djokovic has secured the number 1 ranking as far as this year end goes. But if Federer wins this event, which would be his seventh title here in ten years, how legitimate is that number one ranking for Djokovic???   I just want to see Federer wave his magic tennis wand and make us all go, WOW, how does he do that!!

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