BCS Poll is out!

Here it is, the latest BCS Poll!  1 Notre Dame, 2 Alabama, 3 Georgia, 4 Florida, 5 Oregon, 6 Kansas State, 7 LSU, 8 Stanford, 9 Texas A & M and 10 South Carolina.

ACC Schools come in at 13 FSU and 14 Clemson.

Interesting differences between this poll and the Coaches Poll.  Florida and Oregon flip flop in the two polls, as do Kansas State and LSU along with Stanford and Texas A & M.

Let’s face it, the winner of the SEC Championship game will play Notre Dame in the BCS Championship game.  I can live with that.  (As long as it is Alabama!) I still think Oregon is the second or third best team in the country.

I also enjoyed looking at the bowl projections on ESPN.com.  Interestingly, both had Georgia Tech in the Hyundai Sun Bowl which features an ACC school vs. a Pac 12 school.  The match up was GT vs. USC.  I would like to see that.  This of course assumes that FSU defeats GT in the ACC Championship game next Saturday night.  I have already given my thoughts on that.  It is not a given.  May sound crazy, but I think GT can win.  Either way, win – win for the Jackets after the year they have had.

SNF: Eli and the Giants are leading Green Bay 17 – 7 early in the second quarter.  Stay tuned.  Morgan Burnett, former GT standout just made a great play for Green Bay.  I will be watching, but I will also be watching The Good Wife.  ( I am, after all, a girl!!)

Updates later…or tomorrow, we shall see!!

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