Eli is getting a perm!

Have seen a lot of ads on TV recently (especially during the Emmy’s telecast last night for the upcoming movie Argo coming out October 12th.  It looks like a must see to me.  Ben Affleck wrote, directed and stars in this movie.  He has really become a dedicated and thoughtful film maker, very impressed with him (especially since I have always had a higher regard for his Boston ‘bro” Matt Damon, who is superb of course).  Definitely want to see this movie when it comes out.

Inspiring performance by receiver Torrey Smith last night in the Baltimore upset of New England.  He was playing 24 hours after the tragic death of his younger brother in a motorcycle accident.  The game went right down to the wire, with a barely, I mean barely good game winning field goal giving Baltimore the victory.  Belichick very uncool in grabbing the ref after game.  Pretty surprising.

MNF – Green Bay at Seattle.  Seattle was up 7-0 at half when last checked.  Now in 4th quarter and Green Bay ahead 12-7.  May have to catch this result in the am.  As has been the case so far this season, several bad calls.  Real shame that the replacement referees are affecting both the quality and perhaps outcome of this early portion of the NFL season’s games.  Update: and to the aforementioned point:  The most bizarre finish to a game you can imagine!  Ball was intercepted by Green Bay but called game winning TD for Seattle???

Favorite Peyton Manning and Deion Sanders commercial in the fairy costumes, the newest one, the one where Deion says he misses Eli, wants to know where Eli is, and Peyton says Eli is getting a perm!  (a perm!!, really?)  Too funny!  Gotta love the big bro – little bro dynamic!

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