CFB Selection Committee has spoken…

The CFB Selection Committee has this the first year of the four team college football playoff format…and..there will be controversy.  Already, many are calling for an eight team playoff and with the difficulty in picking teams 4-6 this year once can certainly see why.  Non the less, for now…this is what we have in store for us!

1 Alabama, 2 Oregon, 3 FSU, and 4 Ohio State.  Much ado about Ohio State being in the #4 slot after TCU was at #3 last week and this week slides all the way to #6 inspite of a resounding win over Iowa State, 55-3.  (However, Iowa State not up to the level of competition faced by Ohio State, 59-0 winner of then #13 Wisconsin, nor of then #9 Kansas State, defeated by Baylor 38-27).  The two Big 12 teams left out, Baylor at #5 and TCU at #6.  It does seem that having a conference championship game is important..something the Big 12 is going to need to perhaps address in the coming year.

The rest of the final CFB Playoff Rankings: 7 Miss State, 8 Michigan State, 9 Ole Miss, 10 Arizona, 11 Kansas State, 12 GEORGIA TECH, 13 UGA, 14 UCLA, 15 Arizona State, 16 Missouri, 17 Clemson, 18 Wisconsin, 19 Auburn, 20 Boise State, 21 Louisville, 22 Utah, 23, LSU, 24 USC, and 25 Minnesota.

The playoff games will bring New Year’s Day back to prime time viewing with 2 Oregon vs. 3 FSU in Pasadena from the Rose Bowl at 5:00 pm EST and then at 8:00 pm EST, 1 Alabama vs. 4 Ohio State from the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

Other marquee bowl matchups: Orange Bowl on New Year’s Eve: Georgia Tech vs. Miss State (should be a good one!) at 8:00 pm EST; Fiesta Bowl at 4:00 pm EST featuring Boise State vs Arizona; and the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl at 12:00 pm EST with TCU vs. Ole Miss.  On New Year’s Day, 12:00 pm EST the Cotton Bowl..Baylor vs. Michigan State.

Hard to talk about the Conference title games..well great to talk about Oregon demolishing Arizona (their only regular season loss), 51-13 and Mariota accounting for 5 TDs (3 rushing) and I am OK with Alabama over Mizz in the SEC title game, 42-13.  And kudos to Ohio State for that 59-0 shellacking of Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game.  But about that ACC title game…oh, my…FSU 37- GT 35.  Such a great effort by GT..if only Winston could have followed his pattern and turned the ball over (at least once) as he has in just about every game this year, might have been a different outcome.  But, it is over..FSU wins ACC title for third year in a row and extends winning streak to 29.  Awesome year for GT..headed to the Orange Bowl!  And P.S. If the Noles think dealing with CPJ’s option was a problem..wait til they get Mariota and the Quack Attack!  GO DUCKS!


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Latest CFB Playoff rankings..Surviving “Paradise”

The latest CFB Playoff rankings came out last night and today is Surviving “Paradise” Wednesday!  So, first things first…please check out my book Surviving “Paradise” by Susan Willoch Shaver.  Follow a southern woman who relocates to a new town full of great expectations – only to be met by a ridiculous set of people and circumstances.  Check out the HOME page at this website for more info and the BUY THE BOOK option on the menu bar!Surviving Paradise

Now..about those latest rankings!

1 Alabama, 2 Oregon (love it!), 3 TCU (what? surprise), 4 FSU (gee, undefeated but dropped to #4), 5 Ohio State, 6 Baylor (beat TCU), 7 Arizona (only team to defeat Oregon, rematch in Friday’s Pac 12 title game!), 8 Michigan State, 9 Kansas State, 10 Miss State (from #4 to #10), 11 GEORGIA TECH (How about those Jackets, will face FSU in ACC title game Saturday night!), 12 Ole Miss, 13 Wisconsin, 14 UGA, 15 UCLA, 16 Missouri (will have the dubious task of facing Alabama in the SEC title game Saturday), 17 Arizona State, 18 Clemson, 19 Auburn, 20 Oklahoma, 21 Louisville, 22 Boise State, 23 Utah, 24 LSU, 25 USC (welcome back after beatdown of Notre Dame last weekend)

So this weekend we have the conference title games before selection Sunday at 12:30 pm EST on ESPN.  SEC – Alabama vs. Missouri (gotta go with Bama); ACC -FSU vs. Ga. Tech (I am picking GT!!!); Big Ten – Ohio State (without injured QB Barrett) vs. Wisconsin (?), Pac 12 – Oregon vs. Arizona!  This game is intriguing!  Oregon suffered their only loss of the season to Arizona, at home in Eugene.  They had numerous injuries to their offensive line and Mariota was hassled the entire game. Still, it was a close loss.  I think Oregon gets it done this time in Santa Clara, CA!  GO DUCKS!  Also, in the Big 12, Kansas State will face Baylor in a pivotal game.

So, after this weekend, we will get our first ever final four in college football.  (Meanwhile, people are already screaming for an eight team playoff…imagine that!)

New episode of Nashville airs tonight on ABC at 10:00 pm EST.  Many shows have already aired their “winter finales”.  Not yet for this ABC hit.  Chicago Fire on NBC last night was awesome!  Also, ACC/Big Ten Basketball Challenge gets underway on ESPN and ESPN2.


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Oh what a rivalry weekend in CFB!

Oh what a rivalry weekend in CFB this past Saturday (and Friday)!  What can you say, it is always so special!  First, I must say How about those Jackets!! As a lifetime GT fan, I have known much more of the “agony of defeat” as opposed to the “thrill of victory”.  This Saturday, I enjoyed the thrill of victory as GT beat UGA in Athens, 30-24 in OT (a classic) and won their first game in this rivalry in six years.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!  There were fumbles, two by the Dawgs at the one yard line, two by GT (one at the goal line and was it a fumble?, why did the whistle not blow, and UGA returned it for a TD).  There were blocked field goals and missed PATS but when all was said and done, GT WON!!  Harrison Butker kicked a career long 53 yard FG with 4 seconds left in regulation for the Jackets to send the game to OT.  GT scored and then, missed the PAT. (are u kidding I thought!)  UGA took their turn and was driving only to have D J White, (NFL bound for sure) intercept a pass by UGA QB H. Mason and that was the ball game!  Oh, again, what a beautiful game it was!  I like those “high noon” kickoffs in Athens.  The last time GT defeated UGA was in Athens in 2008, a “high noon” kickoff (GT Coach Paul Johnson’s words).  After the game CPJ told the interviewer he was 2-2 in Athens and he was so proud of his resilient team.  Next up, FSU in the ACC Championship game (psst..CPJ also mentioned he is 2-1 against the Noles!)

Speaking of FSU, the Noles again held on in a close one to defeat Florida, 24-19 inspite of QB Jameis Winston throwing four interceptions.  (Hey, I hope he throws a few of those in the game next weekend in Charlotte!)  Clemson defeated South Carolina (a definite down year for the Gamecocks and the ole ball coach), 35-17 and Louisville survived against Kentucky, 44-40.  That means the ACC went 4-0 against the SEC this rivalry weekend.  Very nice turn around from last year and the most significant of those wins, the one in Athens, GT over UGA..GT was #16, UGA #9 (previous rankings).

Then there was the Egg Bowl…a bit of a surprise as Ole Miss raised up after some very big disappointments this year to take care of then #4 Miss State, 31-17.  Not even close!  The Iron Bowl..the big one..Auburn vs. Alabama.  This one turned out to be the highest scoring Iron Bowl in history as Bama ran away from the Tigers in the second half, winning 55-44.

The team I am pulling for to win the National Championship, Oregon won in Corvallis defeating the Rich Rod coached Oregon State team in the Civil War, 47-19.  Heisman frontrunner, QB M. Mariota of Oregon accounted for six TDs.  Baylor found themselves in a dogfight with Texas Tech, finally prevailing 48-46.  Ohio State defeated Michigan 42-28 but this win came at a huge price for the Buckeyes as starting QB J T Barrett suffered a broken ankle in the fourth quarter.  Wisconsin prevailed over Minnesota, 34-24 and Utah held off Colorado, 38-34.

In a game that no longer figured into the National Playoff picture, USC routed Notre Dame, 49-14.  It was so pretty in LA however, it was worth watching just to enjoy and wish you were there!

On Friday, TCU pounded Texas 48-10 and Stanford came to beautiful LA and ran all over UCLA, 31-10.  Hard to imagine that outcome as UCLA lost the opportunity to play in the Pac 12 title game against Oregon.  Meanwhile, Arizona will play Oregon (again, as that is the one blemish on Oregon’s 2014 resume) due to a 42-35 win over Arizona State.  So, can Oregon get it done in Santa Clara against Arizona next weekend.  I think (and hope) they can!

Next weekend we look forward to the Conference Championship games.  Once they are completed, the selection committee will make their final rankings and select the “final four” for this year’s inaugural College Football playoff.  Many are already wanting an eight team playoff (gee, how long did that take?) For now, we will have a final four.

For our viewing pleasure next Saturday,  ACC title game, GT (Coastal Div. champs) vs. FSU (Atlantic Div. champs), now a bit more intriguing than many would have thought earlier and I am predicting a GT win!  SEC title game from Atlanta, Missouri (by defeating Arkansas on Friday, 21-14) will get a return trip to the ATL and face Alabama!  (This is the second consecutive year Missouri has made it to the SEC title game after joining the SEC, well done Mizz!)   Pac 12 title game will feature a rematch (as mentioned earlier), Oregon vs. Arizona.  I think the Ducks will get it done this time and avenge their lone loss.  Also, Kansas State will face Baylor and Ohio State vs. Wisconsin.

Latest AP and USA Coaches Polls are out!

AP Poll: 1 Alabama (25), 2 FSU (29), 3 Oregon (5), 4 TCU, 5 Baylor, 6 Ohio State, 7 Michigan State, 8 Arizona, 9 Kansas State, 10 Miss State (from #4), 11 Wisconsin, 12 GEORGIA TECH!!, 13 Ole Miss, 14 Missouri and 15 UGA.

Coaches Poll: 1 Alabama, 2 FSU, 3 Oregon, 4 TCU, 5 Baylor, 6 Ohio State, 7 Michigan State, 8 Arizona, 9 Kansas State, 10 Miss State, 11 Wisconsin, 12 GEORGIA TECH, 13 Missouri, 14 Ole Miss, 15 UGA.

Both polls, almost identical and I usually only list the top ten but I had to go to fifteen so I could showcase GT at #12 in both polls!!  The poll that really matters, the College Football Playoff rankings will come out on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm EST on ESPN.  Then, next Sunday the selection committee will issue their final rankings for the playoffs!!

A whole lot of emotion is involved in rivalry weekend in CFB…and much to be thankful for after celebrating Thanksgiving!  So, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and if your team won, congrats, if not, there is ALWAYS next year!

Until later….

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Happy Turkey Day and Surviving “Paradise”

Happy Turkey Day one and all..hope you are all grateful and well fed!  Now, after we sleep this day is time to get ready for CFB rivalry weekend!  Yes, that last regular season weekend of the year in college football where instate rivalries and other long standing rivalries take center stage!  Notable games…..

9 UGA host 16 GT at “high noon” on Saturday  (GO JACKETS), Notre Dame vs. USC, 8 UCLA vs. Stanford, 4 Miss State vs. 19 Ole Miss (the Egg Bowl), 1 Alabama vs. 15 Auburn (The Iron Bowl), Missouri vs. Arkansas, 7 Baylor vs. 12 Kansas State, 5 TCU vs. Texas (tonight, Thanksgiving night!), 2 Oregon vs. Oregon State, 3 FSU vs. Florida.  Many of these games will determine who plays in the conference title games, ie., Miss State or Bama, Mizz or UGA?  Other games are set…FSU vs. GT for the ACC, have to expect Oregon vs. UCLA for the Pac 12 (but still these games will affect that outcome) CFB this weekend is not just about passion and rivalry, it will also matter as far as the college football playoffs and bowl matchups!

NFL on Thanksgiving Day so far…Detroit over Chicago, 34-17, big day for Megatron!  Philadelphia with Mark Sanchez at the helm leads the Cowboys, 30-10 and later, Seattle vs. San Francisco!

TV on Thursday, repeat episode of The Big Bang Theory and then a new episode of Mom and Two and a Half Men!  Saw Horrible Bosses 2 today at the new and improved theater near me!  The movie was funny..not sure if new and improved?  But hey, sequels are hard, right?

Finally, forgot that shameless plus on Wednesday, so please check out my book Surviving “Paradise” by Susan Willoch Shaver!  For more info see the HOME page at this website and the BUY THE BOOK option on the menu bar!  Thanks and have a great night!Surviving Paradise

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There was also CFB this weekend…

Yes, there was also College Football this weekend!  (Being a huge Roger Federer fan, I was focusing on the Davis Cup Final)  There were no earth shattering results…FSU continued to escape from defeat coming from behind for the sixth time (at least) this season to defeat Boston College in Tally, 20-17 thanks to a game winning field goal with three seconds left.  One has to ask, when will this catch up to them, or will it?  Perhaps in the ACC Championship game where they will face Georgia Tech (idle this weekend) who will represent the Coastal Division thanks to UNC who defeated Duke on Thursday night, 45-20.  All things happen for a reason…and GT is the team from the Coastal Division with the best shot at defeating FSU so GO JACKETS!  First up for the Jackets, a trip to Athens next weekend to face instate rival UGA.  The Dawgs ran all over some cupcake, 59 points scored and well, say no more.  Anyhow…my other team, Oregon, pounded Colorado, 44-10 and M. Mariota continued to show why he should be the Heisman Trophy winner this year!  GO DUCKS!  They will likely face UCLA in the Pac 12 Championship game as UCLA defeated USC 38-20.  So great to see these two storied west coast college football teams on prime time on ABC once again!  Kansas State continues to win, defeating WVU on Thursday night, 26-20.  Miss State demolished Vandy, 51-0 and new (and old) #1 Bama ran all over their cupcake opponent in a tuneup for the Iron Bowl next weekend against Auburn.  Ole Miss suffered a big setback, losing to Arkansas 30-0 so next weekend’s Egg Bowl should be interesting.  Will Ole Miss pull an upset or will Miss State continue on to the SEC title game?  Back to the Pac 12, Arizona over Utah, 42-10 and Arizona State beat Washington State 52-31.  Who says they don’t play great college football in the Pac 12?  Not me!

Nebraska lost a heartbreaker at home to Minnesota, 28-24 and Mizz continued its quest for the SEC East title with a 29-21 win over Tennessee.  Will it be Missouri or UGA?  Missouri has one more game to win next weekend, win and go to Atlanta, or lose and it will be UGA.

Ohio State took care of Indian, 42-27 and Wisconsin squeezed by Iowa, 26-24.  Baylor continued to roll, defeating OK State, 49-28.

So, AP and Coaches Polls are out!

AP Poll: 1FSU (37), 2 Alabama (21), 3 Oregon (2), really?, 4 Miss State, 5Baylor, 6 TCU, 7 Ohio State, 8 UGA, 9 UCLA, 10 Michigan State, 11 Kansas State, 12 Arizona, 13 Arizona State, 14 Wisconsin, 15 Auburn.  GT #17, Mizz #18

Coaches Poll: 1 Alabama, 2 FSU, 3 Oregon, 4 Miss State, 5 TCU, 6 Baylor, 7 Ohio State, 8 Michigan State, 9 UGA, 10 UCLA, 11 Kansas State, 12 Arizona, 13 Arizona State, 14 Wisconsin and 15 GEORGIA TECH!

The Poll that matters, the College Football Playoff Poll will be announced Tuesday at 7:00 pm EST on ESPN.

Tonight, The Good Wife and on Showtime, The Affair (#TheAffair)!


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“We are the Champions..of the world”

“We are the Champions..of the world”  is what the Swiss Davis Cup team is saying today after Roger Federer defeated R. Gasquet today in the third singles rubber match, 6-4, 6-2, 6-2.  It was a virtuoso performance by Federer (what ailing back?) and Gasquet did not play a bad match at all.  He was just outmatched by the maestro!  What a three day event it has been, not to mention the drama leading up to it!  First, after the hard fought battle between best buddies Wawrinka and Federer in London in the semifinals of the ATP Year End Finals, (won by Federer in three tough sets) there was controversy.  What?  Controversy surrounding Roger Federer..well apparently Wawrinka was irked by Roger’s supportive wife shouting support to her husband during the match.  You have all read the nonsense..anyhow…the boys made up and headed to France after Roger was forced to withdraw from the final against Djokovic to ready themselves for the Davis Cup Final.  This was the first time the Swiss had made it into the Davis Cup Final since 1992 (they lost that one to the team from the good ole USA!).  The guys talked it out, righted the ship and Federer got his back in shape.  Wawrinka played an incredible first singles match defeating J. Tsonga in four sets and then Federer was beaten soundly by G. Monfils in an incredible performance by the always entertaining Monfils.  We would later find out that Tsonga was nursing a rather severe wrist injury.  Next came the doubles and no Tsonga for the French, instead it was Benneteau and Gasquet to face…Wawrinka and Federer.  S. Luthi enlisted the aid of Dave Macpherson, widely considered to be one of the best doubles coaches on the planet, (he has worked with the Bryan brothers) to help in planning a strategy to improve the Swiss chances in the doubles.  Well, kudos to Luthi!  It worked as Stan and Roger played the best doubles they have played since winning the gold medal in 2008!  So, Swiss up 2-1.  Today, Roger Federer took the court to face R. Gasquet (for the ailing J. Tsonga) to seal the deal.  That is exactly what he did and Switzerland claimed the Davis Cup Final in what was a truly inspiring and magnificent performance by the GOAT, Roger Federer.  It was a team effort and it was a thing of beauty!  Congrats to Federer, Wawrinka, Luthi and the entire Swiss Davis Cup team for a job so well done!  You are the CHAMPIONS!!!

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And here it is already Friday…

Here it is already how time flies when you are…having fun (or not?)   Anyhow…hard to recap everything that has happened this week but let’s hit on the really important stuff!

Davis Cup Final got underway today in France.  Stan Wawrinka was truly Stan The Man for the Swiss, defeating J. Tsonga in four sets, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3, 6-2.  Dominating performance by Wawrinka.  Thank heavens as Roger Federer (ailing back and little practice) fell to G. Monfils in straight sets, 6-1, 6-4, 6-3.  It was tough to watch but one hopes things will turn tomorrow and Sunday for the Swiss and Roger.  One has to think coach S. Luthi will reconsider and put Wawrinka/Federer in to play the doubles tomorrow if Roger is up to the task.  Really want to see Switzerland win this Davis Cup title!

College Football Playoff Poll came out this Tuesday and the final four currently are: 1 Alabama, 2 Oregon, 3 FSU, 4 Miss State.  Not too bad a tumble for Miss State after the loss to Bama, from #1 to #4.  Still, after this weekend, something has to give as Bama will face Auburn in the Iron Bowl and Miss State will face Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl the following weekend.  (That is rivalry weekend in case any of you are confused!)  Waiting in the wings at this point…#5 TCU and #6 Ohio State.  This can all change afer this weekend of course.

Meanwhile, how about 18 Georgia Tech!  They are 9-2, off this weekend and resting before they head to Athens to face 10 UGA (clean, old fashioned hate) the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  A very special thanks to the North Carolina Tar Heels who demolished Duke last night, 45-20.  That loss gave GT the ACC Coastal Division title!!  Thank you UNC!  It also means they will likely play in the Orange Bowl.  They will play 3 FSU in Charlotte for the ACC Championship and if they win, they go for sure.  If they lose, and FSU remains in the top four, they should still represent the ACC in the Orange Bowl.  Great year for the Jackets!

In NBA action, LeBron and the Cavs are struggling a bit but Kobe and the Lakers have won two games in a row!  Hard to imagine that this is something to celebrate, but given the state of the Lakers last year and heading into this year, LA is happy.  Welcome back to action Nick Young!

Finally made it to the now open and renovated theater near me.  Very Nice!!  Very comfy leather reclining seats for one’s viewing pleasure. Check out the pic!  Saw Dumb and Dumber to.  Well, it was dumb and dumber.  Looking forward to Horrible Bosses 2 next week!theater1

Meanwhile, forgot to do my thing..plug my book Surviving “Paradise” by Susan Willoch Shaver (Wednesday thing!)  Check out the HOME page at this website for more info and the BUY THE BOOK option on the menu bar!  Also, a special thanks to the nice comment from an old classmate at the website on the Author Bio page!  Very kind!Surviving Paradise

So, TGIF and enjoy your weekend!  Some more great CFB in store for us tomorrow and also more action from France in the Davis Cup final.  GO SWISS!

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Another crazy weekend in CFB!

And the drama continued this past weekend in CFB action…the crazy and the unpredictable is likely going to be with us right up until the first College Football Playoff for the Championship.  Gotta love it..or not?

Anyhow, starting in Atlanta, GA..22 Georgia Tech defeated 19 Clemson, 28-6.  Clemson’s  freshman starting QB suffered a knee injury early, and have to say as a GT fan, I loved seeing QB #2 come into the game.  He threw some beautiful spirals right into the hands of GT’s defenders, two returned for pick six!  They even brought out QB #3 in the second half.  Really devastating injury occured to GT A-Back R. Snoddy, awful injury since I was there to see it up close and personal, a snapped lower leg, broken, air cast immediately inflated and taken directly to the hospital.  Really hate to see an injury like that, he had earlier made a great long run getting Tech into scoring position.  He is a speedster and one hopes he has had successful surgery and makes a full recovery.  This was a great win for GT, the old sign of the distraught Clemson fan from 2008-09 even re-emerged..”Welcome Back to Atlanta”!  Nice celebration on the field after the game..GT is now 9-2 headed into Athens in two weeks to face instate rival UGA.  If only they had not lost to Duke and UNC.  Meanwhile, Duke was upset in Durham by VT 17-16 but will still hold the tie break over the Jackets for the Coastal Division title.  Duke has one more ACC game to play so…one can hope!  I truly believe GT is the only team from the Coastal Division that could give FSU fits in an ACC Title game!  GTCLEM2014GTCLEM20142Enjoy the pics!

Moving onto to other action, 1 Miss State fells to 5 Alabama in Tuscaloosa, 25-20.  Unbeaten no more for the team from Miss State.  #2 Oregon was idle (really hope they moved to #1 in the next College Football Playoff rankings out next Tuesday at 7:00 pm EST.)  #3 FSU continued their Houdini act, trailing at the half for the fifth time this season at Miami and then coming back to claim victory, winning 30-26 in what was a tough loss at home for the Hurricanes.  FSU extends their consecutive game winning streak to 26!  #4 TCU escaped in Kansas (a three win team) with a 34-30 win, don’t think that is going to impress the selection committee very much.  #6 Arizona State was upset by Oregon State, 35-27 and yes, the Pac 12 is very competitive!!  #23 Utah defeated Stanford in 2OT, 20-17.  #16 Arizona survived Washington, 27-26.  Very disappointing loss for #18 Notre Dame, falling to Northwestern 43-40.  #8 Ohio State over 25 Minnesota 31-24 and in a record setting performance game, #20 Wisconsin outscored #16 Nebraska, 59-24.  Badger RB Melvin Gordon rushed for 408 yards, a single game rushing record!

Moving back to the SEC, #15 UGA hammered #9 Auburn (very surprising!), 34-7 in Athens.  Gurley returned and rushed for 137 yards but left with a left knee injury, now being called a torn ACL?  In Gator land, the once mighty Florida Gators lost to South Carolina, 23-20 in OT and today, Gator Head Coach Will Muschamp announced he will step down at the end of the season.  No surprise here!  Nice return to Gainesville for Steve Spurrier, the “old ball coach”.  The current leader in the SEC East Missouri defeated #24 Texas A&M, 34-27.  So..I think I have covered all the chaos that occurred this past weekend, but apologies if I left out any game of importance!

The latest AP College Football Poll is out…1 FSU (43), 2 Alabama (16), 3 Oregon (1), really?, 4 Miss State, 5 TCU, 6 Baylor, 7 Ohio State, 8 Ole Miss, 9 UGA, 10 Michigan State, 11 UCLA, 12 Kansas State, 13 Arizona State (from #6), 14 Wisconsin, 15 Arizona, 16 Auburn, and 17 GEORGIA TECH!!!  I fully expect the new College Playoff Poll to be a bit different..thinking 1 Oregon, 2 Bama, 3 FSU, and 4 ???  We shall see on Tuesday night on ESPN!

TV shows tonight…The Good Wife on CBS and the hot new show on Showtime, The Affair at 10:00 pm EST.  This show is getting a lot of buzz..check it out on twitter #THE AFFAIR!

Enjoy your Sunday night!

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Disappointment in London at Tennis Year End Final!

What a huge disappointment it was today at about 1:00 pm EST to find out that Roger Federer had been forced to withdraw from the final of the Year End Championship final in London today!  BUMMER!  Roger apparently tweaked his back yesterday in the tie break during the 3rd set of the incredible match and win over fellow Swiss Stan Wawrinka yesterday.  According to ESPN analyst John McEnroe, there were some “issues” after the match between the two great Swiss players and friends, meetings went on into the night?  Um…there is a very important Davis Cup Final with France which gets underway Nov. 21st so hope all the “issues” are ironed out!!  Anyhow, really a shame not to get to see a Djokovic – Federer final in London at the O2 arena.  The fans were shocked as Federer came out in warm up attire to address the crowd and apologize for having to withdraw (class act as always!)  Roger has only withdrawn from a match three times in his entire illustrious career.  So, Novak Djokovic not only ends the year as the #1 ranked player in the world, he wins the Barclays Year End Trophy with a walkover.  Not the way Nole wanted to win this trophy for sure.

Yesterday’s semifinals were very entertaining.  Djokovic took out Nishikori in three sets, 6-1, 4-6, 6-0.  Then, there was that incredible match between Federer and Wawrinka.  It lasted almost three hours, was the best match of the entire tournament, and when all was said and done, it was Federer, 4-6, 7-5, 7-6.  Wawrinka had his chances, 3 match points, all to be saved by Federer.  The tie break in the third set was tense, and apparently it was then that Roger experienced a tweak in his back, but Roger got it done as great champions do, even when they are not at their peak throughout the entire match.  Wawrinka lost a heartbreaker for sure.  Really hope all is well, and the Swiss dream team can get it done next weekend in France and win the Davis Cup. post..all about this past weekend’s crazy College Football results!  Later…and soon!

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Federer over Murray in London..if you missed it…well..

Today in London, at the ATP Year End Finals, Roger Federer dismantled Andy Murray 6-0, 6-1 and if you missed it..well you flat out missed greatness on display.  This match featured 33 year old Roger Federer in all his glory, absolutely brilliant and in full flight as to why he is widely (in my mind, there is NO question) considered the GOAT and without question the greatest indoor tennis player in the world (yes, still the best!)  This match was a letdown for those who wanted to see a great, hard fought competitive match, but it was also kind of funny that in many ways, even though it was in London, (Andy is Scottish, adopted as a Brit) it was a home court crowd for Federer.  Wherever Roger plays, it is almost always a home court advantage.  It was really something to see when it comes to watching tennis perfection.  At one point, even Roger’s wife Mirka was shown on the screen, almost shaking her head at one of Roger’s brilliant shots.  So too were Stefan Edberg and S. Luthi along with the rest of the crowd in the O2 arena.  Anyhow, K Nishikori now advances along with Federer out of Group B into the semifinals on Saturday.  Tomorrow’s action will feature Group A, and we shall see if Wawrinka can join Djokovic in the semifinals from Group A.  Today, Nishikori won over David Ferrer (filling in for M. Raonic who had to withdraw due to a shoulder injury) 4-6, 6-3, 6-1.  Hey, it is hard to get a last minute call and head to London to play one match in the Year End Finals!

Meanwhile, a lot of great CFB in store this weekend.  Most notably, 1 Miss State at 5 Alabama (College GameDay will be in Tuscaloosa), 9 Auburn at 15 UGA, 3 FSU at Miami, 6 Arizona State at Oregon State, 23 Utah at Stanford, 8 Ohio State at 25 Minnesota, 16 Nebraska at 24 Texas A & M, Virginia Tech at 21 Duke, and…19 Clemson at 22 Georgia Tech (that is where I will be, noon kick off on ESPN immediately after GameDay).  I hope I got the latest College Football Playoff Poll rankings correct, apologies to all if not!

Tonight…too much must see TV so DVR must be activated!  Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Parenthood, Big Bang Theory, Mom and Two and a Half Men! 

Finally, Wednesday came and went again, (that happens from time to time) so please check out my book Surviving “Paradise” by Susan Willoch Shaver!  See the HOME page at this website for more info and also check out the BUY THE BOOK option on the menu bar!

Have a great night!

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