Brad Pitt…

Brad Pitt.  Need I say more?  Brad Pitt graces the cover of this week’s People Magazine with his new movie, Killing Them Softly coming out today.  Critics have praised the movie, while citing it as being very dark and explicitly gruesome.  That is OK, I believe I will see it, Brad is worth it.  I also saw an interesting interview on Nightline with the rarely interviewed Mr. Pitt along with some of his co-stars, Tony Soprano himself (James Gandolfini) and Ray Liotta.  The movie was directed by Andrew Dominik who also directed Brad in the Assassination of Jesse James.  That movie bombed at the box office but won several awards for both Brad and Casey Affleck (little brother of Ben Affleck).  Mr. Pitt talked about wanting to do this movie, he stars and produces, and wanting to work with this director again.  The story is in his words, a definition of capitalism that does not feed off the back of others, following both his and Angelina’s intent to focus more often on issues, as opposed to politics.  Interesting that a collapsing economy and capitalism would be the themes of a movie about hit men and killing but it is apparently a very strong undercurrent in this film.  I look forward to seeing it (and Brad) and will follow up with a post when I do so!!

Remember I have a theory, one is either a beach person or a mountain person, you can like them both, but you are definitely one or the other (I choose the beach!).  In addition, one is either a Brad Pitt person or a George Clooney person; again, you can like them both, but you are a Brad or a George person (I pick Brad!)

This movie looks dark, entertaining and good!

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