Broncos and Peyton out of playoffs…

Baltimore will advance to the AFC title game with a double OT victory over Denver, 38 – 35.

It was 9 degrees at game time, then 6 degrees and snowing and still this was one heck of a fireball of a game!  Denver scored two special team TD’s, Peyton threw for three TD’s but two interceptions, the second one being very costly.  Running right in double OT and throwing across his body, Peyton was picked off by Corey Graham and that led to the game winning field goal by rookie Justin Tucker which will send the Baltimore Ravens to either New England or Houston (depending on the outcome of tomorrow’s game) for the AFC Championship game.

I admit I am sad.  I wanted Peyton and the Broncos to win this game.  Perhaps you could say the Denver defense had a major part in this defeat when they shockingly allowed the Ravens to score a tying TD in regulation with just over thirty seconds left in the game.  Denver was up 35 – 28 and appeared on their way to the AFC title game.  Such was not to be the case.  Tremendous effort by Baltimore, they kept fighting and would not give up.  The “farewell tour” for Raven’s defensive great Ray Lewis will go on,  Lewis had seventeen tackles in a superb performance.

No Manning boys in the title games or Super Bowl this year.  Oh well…

In the first half, Green Bay and San Francisco have battled to a 14 – 14 tie.  Much more action left in this game.  Much more action tomorrow.  My dream of a Denver – Atlanta Super Bowl dissipated in the cold and snow of Denver.  Maybe the Falcons can keep part of that dream alive.  We will find out tomorrow!

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