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Take a look at the ingredients Ms. Shaver offers: Single, self assured, southern, “empty nester” leaves the safety of her established southern home and culture to start a new life in a beautiful part of the country and is shocked that all is not perfect! She is much like a bather who sees the allure of a peaceful pond and jumps in, without first checking the pool for sharp objects (shady developers and homeowners associations) or snakes (horny cops) waiting in the reeds. Litter banks with first generation immigrant “Euro Trash” and the story stops being about the swim and becomes about getting the hell out of the water! What single woman has never moved alone into a new area and found herself in a similar bind? What could not go wrong? More importantly, how can this NOT be funny?

While taken in the proper perspective, this new millennium perspective of life in “burbs” is could be re-titled “Erma Bombeck’s The Grass is Greener over the Meth Lab”. While Ms. Shaver is no Faulkner, the writing is sound for a first work. I can recommend this book for a light, afternoon read; and I look forward to her next endeavor.