Can you say a bit of “sour grapes” coming from Al Groh?

Apparently former GT defensive coordinator Al Groh, who was fired mid way through the season, has decided to trash Georgia Tech.  He was quoted in an interview with the Roanoke Times last Wednesday as saying that the circumstances at GT were unprofessional and divisive and referring to the culture as negative.  Really?  When he was fired he released  a statement that indicated he had felt it an honor to be part of the legacy of Georgia Tech football.  Head Coach Paul Johnson of Georgia Tech when asked about the negative comments said he was surprised to hear that and moreover he was surprised Al Groh would stay there for two and a half years if he felt it was that bad.

Such a shame when this kind of thing goes on.  As I Tech fan, I will say that under Groh, the defense was horrible.  That does not in any way mean he is not a brilliant defensive mind.  He trained under the likes of Bill Belichick and Bill Parcsells.  Still, his defensive philosophy did not work at Georgia Tech.  He really did not have the players to play the kind of scheme he tried to implement and there always seemed to be so much confusion, players did not seem to know what their role was and it underperformed.  Under interim defensive coordinator Charles Kelly, things were simplified and the defensive statistics did in fact show a marked improvement.  Will be interesting to see what GT decides to do as far as a permanent defensive coordinator for 2013.

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