CBB Polls

The college basketball season has been a wild and crazy ride so far.  This past week, Miami suffered their first ACC loss at Wake Forest, Georgetown upset Syracuse, Ohio State “upset” Michigan State, and Kentucky rallied from a 13 point deficit to defeat Missouri.  The new AP and USA Coaches Polls are out!  Here they are:

AP Poll: 1 Indiana, 2 Gonzaga, 3 Duke, 4 Michigan, 5 Miami, 6 Kansas (big jump for the Jayhawks), 7 Georgetown, 8 Florida, 9 Michigan State, and 10 Louisville.

USA Coaches Poll: 1 Indiana, 2 Gonzaga, 3 Duke, 4 Michigan, 5 Kansas, 6 Florida, 7 Miami, 8 Georgetown, 9 Louisville, and 10 Michigan State.

Big mover, Kansas, with Miami taking a big drop from last week’s lofty #2 ranking.  ESPN analyst and former head coach at Virginia Tech, Seth Greenberg gave his 20 day too early prediction for the four # 1 seeds today: 1 Indiana, 2 Duke, 3 Gonzaga and 4 Florida.

I would have to say watch out for Michigan and Michigan State.  Stay tuned…this year the journey to the tourney has been full of upsets and road losses!

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