CBB – Three top five teams in action tonight

Three top five college basketball teams are in action tonight!  1 Indiana will take on 4 Michigan State and 5 Florida will travel to Missouri.  Two tough road games, one Big Ten and the other SEC.  Also, 2 Miami will host UVA tonight.

A little bonus…Magic Johnson will be in the house for the Indiana vs. Michigan State match up.  Johnson is a Michigan State alum and he will be calling the game tonight on ESPN, first time ever as a play by play commentator for a college basketball game!

A lot of talk today regarding the debacle that was and is the NCAA investigation into the scandal allegations and improprieties at the University of Miami AND the inappropriate behavior of members of the NCAA investigating team.  This is such a muddled mess, you really have to read numerous articles and figure it out for yourselves.  Needless to say, Miami has been in violation of NCAA rules, and the NCAA behaved less than ethically in their investigation.  The Vice President of Enforcement for the NCAA has been fired and all of his superiors have been “cleared” of any wrong doing.  This is all up for debate.  One very interesting article is entitled “Prez Leaves Accountability to Others”.  That refers to President Mark Emmert of the NCAA.  Have to wonder if he will emerge from this unscathed in the long run.

Anyhow, it is one ugly, huge mess.  By the way, I am all too familiar with a Prez and a lack of accountability…see my book Surviving “Paradise” available at Amazon.com.  It isn’t Wednesday, the day I plug my book, but hey, I could not help myself, the opportunity was there and I took it!

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