Coach K says no

With the North Carolina vs. Duke basketball game on for our viewing pleasure this evening, there comes a bit of new regarding Duke head coach, most often referred to as simply Coach K.  He has indicated he will not coach the US Olympic team in the 2016 Olympics.  Oh well, all good things must perhaps come to an end??

Speaking of the Olympics, the IOC announced that wrestling would no longer be a part of Olympic competition beginning in 2020.  Talk about an uproar!  Twitter was a flutter and all the sports shows were in a state about it.  I am sorry, I don’t really get it.  I know that from a traditional standpoint, wrestling was an important part of the Olympics, the Greco-Roman tradition, etc.  But ever since I figured out the WWE and Live Atlanta Wrestling were fake, I have not been much of a fan.  I know there are many wrestling fans out there.  Don’t despair, more than likely this will in fact change before we ever get to the 2020 Olympic Games; wrestling will probably be “reinstated” as an Olympic sport.  Let’s wait and see…

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