College basketball games on Monday night, and more…

Monday night will feature the newly 4th ranked Kansas Jayhawks hosting Texas Tech.  Also, on ESPN at 7:00 pm EST, Cincinnati will visit 8 Louisville.

Will we have a upset, followed by students storming the court?  Probably not tonight since the ranked teams are the home teams.  Still, this brings up a very interesting and controversial topic which has received a lot of press and scrutiny after last week’s loss by Duke at UVA.  The Virginia students stormed the court to celebrate the victory over the Dukies.  After all, when just about anyone beats Duke, they storm the court.  Coach K has been very vocal with his criticism of these court storming escapades and expresses his concern for the safety of his players and staff.  Well, there are two sides to this story and both are very valid.  Yes, the safety of the players and staff of the team that has been beaten are important.  Coach K says he just want to make sure that in this scenarioss_gt_photo1, his team and coaching staff are allowed to get off the court safely before the jubilation spills onto the floor.  Certainly makes sense.  But, whether in basketball or football, this is a long standing tradition, when a top program or big rival goes down in defeat, students celebrate.  They storm the field, and/or the court.  This has been happening since the beginning of time.  I remember being at a GT vs. Auburn game in the early 2000’s when Auburn was preseason #1 and Georgia Tech behind freshman QB Reggie Ball (yes, Tech fans, Reggie had his good moments) defeated Auburn and the students not only stormed the field,  they tore down the goal posts and carried the south end goal posts clear across the field and out of the stadium to the Edge Center.  Hey, a few years back when Georgia Tech beat Clemson, I went out on the field to celebrate.  Yes, I did and I will post a pic.  It was special.  But I do know there are countless stories of people being injured in these kinds of wild and crazy celebrations.  So I ask all of you, what is the solution?  Do we try to put an end to something that likely cannot be contained?  Do we maybe do as Coach K suggests, and when it is a tightly contained area like a basketball court and a top team is going down, take them off the court early to ensure their safety?  Still not going to protect the students from all the craziness going on out on the court once the “party” begins, however.  Gee, what is the answer here?

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