College Basketball – Indiana wins but so does Duke

1 Indiana defeated 10 Ohio State on the road, 81 – 68.  Nice bounce back for them after two point loss at Illinois earlier this week.  With Michigan, Florida and Kansas also losing this week, quite an accomplishment for Indiana to prevail, especially with how difficult it is to win on the road in college basketball.  Many have spoken of how 8th ranked Miami may be deserving of the #1 ranking.  The Hurricanes have been tres impressive, however, I think Indiana could very likely remain at #1 in tomorrow’s polls with this victory.  4 Duke is currently leading Boston College on the road by 5.  If the Dukies prevail, they will head into what is one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports this week, facing off against North Carolina on Wednesday night.  UNC is not having quite the great year they are accustomed to; however, we all know how tricky rivalry games can be.  Stay tuned…perhaps Duke will be no. 1 again in the polls?

Update: Duke survives at Boston College, 62 – 61 in a frenzied finish.  So, will 4 Duke become number one again tomorrow, or will Indiana remain there? What about Miami?  Stay tuned…we shall find out tomorrow!

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