College Football news…

Jadeveon Clowney, defensive standout for the University of South Carolina is in a bit of a pickle.  Because the NFL requires that players who enter the NFL draft have completed three years of college, Clowney, a junior next season, is trying to figure out a path that is best for him and his future.  He would probably be a top draft choice this year but he is not eligible.  There are those who have even suggested that he sit out his junior season to avoid the possibility of any injury.  Clowney is reportedly looking into insuring himself for $5 million dollars.  Kind of makes sense, that way he can play and worse case scenario, he comes out with no less than $5 million for himself and his family.  Gotta think that if he makes it to the draft ,that would pale in comparison to his signing bonus…wishing him a healthy junior year and much success in the NFL.

Speaking of NCAA college football, there is a proposal that is currently being bantered about that beginning next year, “hits to the head of a defenseless player” will result in ejection.  Always trying to make things safer…unfortunately football is a violent sport and injuries happen.  Take fellow South Carolina player Marcus Lattimore, disaster struck him two years in a row. (He has declared for the NFL draft)  But, that being said, it does make sense to at least attempt to protect players in all ways possible.

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