College Football Playoff Top 25..Quack..Quack!

The second College Football Playoff Top 25 is out and at last..Quack..Quack!  Yes, the Oregon Ducks have entered the “final four”!  It is about time!

1 Miss State, 2 FSU, 3 Auburn, 4 OREGON, 5 Alabama, 6 TCU, 7 Kansas State, 8 Michigan State, 9 Arizona State (will play Oregon), 10 Notre Dame, 11 Ole Miss (just a cruel loss at home last Saturday to Auburn), 12 Baylor, 13 Nebraska,  14 Ohio State, 15 Oklahoma, 16 LSU, 17 Utah, 18 UCLA, 19 Arizona, 20 UGA, 21 Clemson, 22 Duke, 23 West Virginia, 24 GEORGIA TECH (How ’bout those Jackets!) and 25 Wisconsin.

OK, still a ways to go but have to say I am so glad to see Oregon in the top four.  Alabama and TCU are lurking for sure.  Oregon has a tough road ahead, Arizona State (9) on the horizon.  FSU, well I guess they are both lucky and good.  Winston will have his “day” before the school council around Nov. 17th.  Um..wonder what will come of that?  Meanwhile, class act Mariota keeps things rolling for the Ducks (Heisman?)  On a personal note…how about those Jackets..Georgia Tech at #24 and 7-2.  Again, if only they had not lost to Duke (#22).  Kansas State is in the hunt and will play a huge game this Saturday against TCU.  Speaking of this Saturday’s big games…

4 Oregon vs. 17 Utah, 5 Alabama vs. 16 LSU, 7 Kansas State vs. 6 TCU (WOW!), 10 Notre Dame vs. 9 Arizona State (good one!), 12 Baylor vs. 15 Oklahoma, 14 Ohio State vs. 8 Michigan State, Colorado vs. 19 Arizona, 20 UGA vs. Kentucky, 22 Duke vs. Syracuse, 23 West Virginia, vs. Texas, 24 Georgia Tech vs. NC State and 25 Wisconsin vs. Purdue.  It never gets dull!!cropped-ss_gt_photo.png

Whew…also on Sunday, November 9th the Year End Finals (tennis) get underway in London.  It is all about Roger Federer for me!!

Kobe in action tonight as the Suns play the Lakers in LA.  Also, the Heat are rolling without LeBron, 3-0 with Wade and Bosh.

Tonight..New Girl, The Mindy Project, and my personal favorite..About A Boy!


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