College Football Preview (as promised)…

Are we ready for some football!!  YES!!

Tonight, we get an appetizer for the weekend, U Conn vs. Syracuse.  OK, after that, we’ll be ready for Saturday’s tantalizing line up!!

(Brief pause; Hugh Laurie of House fame just on Anderson Live.  Love Hugh Laurie, he is so cool, so British, and House was great!!)

OK, let roll with it:  Notable games this Saturday are as follows:

6 LSU at 18 Texas A & M

2 Florida hosting 7 South Carolina

1 Alabama at Tennessee

14 FSU at Miami (likely without Stephen Morris at QB)

4 Kansas State at 13 West Virginia

11 UGA at Kentucky

Virginia Tech at 19 Clemson

and of course Georgia Tech hosts Boston College  (please, surely we can win this one!!!!!)

LSU at Texas A & M is intriguing (showcase for the freshman QB sensation Johnny Manziel at Texas A & M) but the SEC marque match up has to be South Carolina visiting the swamp in Gainesville.  Can they rebound from the painful loss in Baton Rouge?  Will Florida take a step toward securing the SEC east, with a game in Jacksonville vs. UGA looming on the horizon the following weekend?

Kansas State at West Virginia is another big one!  Can Kansas State validate their number 4 ranking?  Can Geno Smith and West Virginia rebound from their embarrassing loss at the hands of Texas Tech the week before.

Another great Saturday of College Football is in store.  Get ready!

GO JACKETS! (Please)

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