College Football today…

College Football kicked off today on a very sad note, South Carolina’s running back extraordinaire Marcus Lattimore was injured in a gruesome manner, those who are faint of heart should not watch the replay.  He took a helmet hit low on his leg which apparently has blown out his right knee.  The reports are not conclusive yet but it was clear, this was a horrific and serious injury.  This is the other knee, not the left knee he injured last year which cut his brilliant season short.  He spent the off season rehabbing and working so hard to get back to form, then to go down like this today.  Just a tragedy for this young man and his teammates.  South Carolina did prevail over Tennessee 38-35 but the story was the loss of Marcus Lattimore.

Mid afternoon games were some of the biggest of today.  12 FSU had no trouble with Duke, winning handily 48-7.  I thought there might be a bit more to this game but clearly I was wrong.  Arizona upset 9 USC 39-36 so the Trojans are officially out of any BCS comeback hope.  3 Kansas State hammered 14 Texas Tech 55-24 and Collin Klein continued his drive to the Heisman with 4 touchdowns.  In the big SEC game this afternoon, 10 UGA beat 2 Florida in Jacksonville (you know, the outdoor cocktail party), thanks to six turnovers.  UGA took control of the SEC East with a 17-9 victory over the previously undefeated Gators.  I would love to have been able to say one of my favorite lines, “too bad, so sad, how ’bout them dawgs”.  Not today!!  Dawgs win.  Then there is that team out west, 4 Oregon, the one that seems to get no respect from the BCS.  Well, they blew out Colorado, 70-14.  Take note people,  Oregon is REALLY good!  Would have to expect Kansas State to move up to no. 2 in the new BCS poll out on Sunday and Oregon to move up to no. 3.  Will have to wait and see what happens tonight in Norman, Oklahoma.  Right now, Notre Dame is leading 10-6 in the 3rd quarter.

In other action, 1 Alabama leads 11 Mississippi State 21-0 in the 2nd quarter.

World Series update: from Motown, San Francisco leads Detroit 2-0 in the 6th inning.

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