Continuing on with Bleacherreport news…

Gotta love Bleacherreport.  They have come out with the college football post signing day top twenty five (I kid you not)!  For better or worse, here it is: 1 Alabama (no surprise), 2 Oregon (yes!), 3 Stanford (again, yes!), 4 Texas A & M, 5 Georgia, 6 Ohio State, 7 Notre Dame, 8 Florida, 9 South Carolina (how about the ole ball coach!), 10 Louisville, 11 LSU (not quite as lofty as usual), 12 Clemson, 13 FSU, 14 Texas, 15 Oklahoma, 16 Oregon State, 17 Northwestern (becoming quite the national powerhouse?), 18 Boise State, 19 USC (in spite of Lane Kiffin and the NCAA sanctions?), 20 Wisconsin, 21 Nebraska, 22 Ole Miss (guess that happens when you sign the #1 recruit along with two others in the top twenty!),  23 TCU, 24 Michigan State and 25 Michigan.

I won’t bring it up again, just thought we would have some fun with it!

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