Continuing with pop culture…Nashville!

The wonderful ABC hit Nashville gave us another drama filled episode last night with some twists not even I saw coming.  Beginning with the not so shocking, Gunnar and Scarlett move in together.  Avery, the jerk, now a “big star” or so he thinks, shows up for all the wrong reasons as usual, but he does pay Scarlett the rent he owes her.  Rayna and Juliette are out on tour and Teddy is non too pleased that Deacon has joined the tour, even though he is playing guitar for Julliette and Rayna had no idea he was coming along.  He runs into Peggy, now out of the hospital and living in a condo in downtown Nashville, and she reveals she is getting a divorce.  He gives her a ride home (few blocks), words and glances are exchanged, then a kiss and then they wind up in bed.  Very true words were spoken by Peggy, however, when she tells Teddy he is a man who she has always believed in and that he deserves to be happy.  She tells him that he should not have to work so hard to make someone love him.  She is of course referring to Rayna, but the words are very real and true.  Meanwhile, Rayna and Deacon are having awkward encounters in elevators while on tour.  Juliette, with the urging of Deacon, decides she is going to act on what she wants, and sings one of her new songs on stage, attempting to break her teeny-bopper queen image and become more a soulful artist like, guess who, Rayna.  Rayna is on the verge of getting her own record label and is considering signing Gunnar and Scarlett (who is Deacon’s neice).  Finally Deacon decides that instead of just thinking about doing something, he will in fact just do it, and he kisses Rayna in the elevator.  Rayna texts him to come talk while in her room, and there is a knock on the door, and when she opens it, much to her shock, there stands Teddy.  He eventually comes in and tells her in the most shocking twist I did not see coming, he wants a divorce.  Stay tuned…this show just keeps on giving!

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