Despite loss to OKC, Lakers are still not dead!

The LA Lakers lost at OKC last night, 122 – 105.  It sounds  like based on the score that it was tail kicking.  It was, but then again it was not.  Westbrook was unstoppable scoring 37 points.  The Lakers had no one to guard him, except Kobe Bryant of course, and Kobe at age 34 who had already had to leave the court with a stinger in his right arm (but of course returned immediately) could not stop him completely.  This is not a one man task.  Anyhow, Kobe finished with 30 points with his right shooting arm in pain and hanging at an odd position.  The Lakers trailed the entire game but yet found a way to cut the deficit to 7 points and 6 points at various times in the second half.  LA is in pursuit of the Jazz who are currently in the 8th spot for the playoffs.  Houston has moved up to the #7 position.  But the Lakers are also in pursuit of everyone in the Western Conference from the standpoint of showing and believing they can compete.  They did show that last night, even with the loss.  Dwight Howard only had 6 points (with 16 rebounds) and had no field goals in the second half.  The offense was not run through the post as it needs to be.  (Remember, Phil Jackson chimed in on this a short time ago).  Nash had a horrific first half but made up for it a bit in the second half.  With Pau Gasol set to return in a few weeks (still say Gasol should be in the post, Howard at power forward) and the contributions coming from Meeks, Blake, Jamison and Clark who is starting in place of the injured Gasol, the Lakers will make the playoffs.  Kobe will simply refuse to not let it happen.  OKC Thunder are a force, but they cannot count on Durant and Westbrook making the kind of shots they made last night in each and every game.  Just will not happen.  Someone will put a body on them, and oops…it will stop for enough time that another team can make a run.  Lakers will continue tonight on the road at the Hornets and then return to the Staples Center to take on the Bulls at 3:30 pm EST on Sunday.  They are two games back and counting…the zen mamba is not going to rest…until the task is complete.  Stay tuned…

P.S.  No Ibaka groin punches thrown last night!

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