Duke back on top in Men’s College Basketball!

The Duke Blue Devils are back where they belong, or at least where they frequently find themselves, atop the College Basketball rankings!  With the loss of previous #1 Indiana to Butler this past weekend, Duke has risen to the top.  The AP and Coaches top ten are as follows:

AP Poll: 1 Duke, 2 Michigan, 3 Syracuse, 4 Arizona, 5 Louisville, 6 Indiana, 7 Ohio State, 8 Florida, 9 Kansas, and 10 Illinois.

The Coaches Poll: 1 Duke, 2 Michigan, 3 Syracuse, 4 Louisville, 5 Arizona, 6 Indiana, 7 Ohio State, 8 Kansas, 9 Florida, and 10 Illinois.

Indiana fell to #6 in both polls after the loss.  Louisville and Arizona flip flop in the polls, as does Kansas and Florida.  Otherwise, they look pretty similar.

The season is of course long; the road to the final four in Atlanta is quite a ways off, but for now, the Dukies are back on top!

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