DVR catchup with Showtime shows!

Attending an event here in Atlanta on Sunday evening put me behind a bit in my “TV viewing schedule”.  OK, I hear you, get a life!!  Anyhow, finally watched the season premieres of Californication, Shameless, and House of Lies.  Californication is just so outrageous.  House of Lies, what can I say, I worship Don Cheadle,  Kristin Bell is adorable as well, congrats again to her and her finance Dax Shephard of Parenthood on their baby on board.  Shameless is quite an experience.  This episode was an hour long, and for me that was too much.  Love Emmy Rossum and William Macy, but thirty minutes of this chaos is enough.  Actually had nightmares after watching an hour!  Everyone notice that all these “big stars” are doing TV?  Guess the economy really is affecting everyone and everything!  Will catch up with Parenthood and then I can move on to tonight’s episode of Nashville and Roger Federer doing what he does so well, play tennis!  Also, Rory and Tiger on tonight from Abu Dhabi!

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