Exhibition tennis in Madison Square Garden

Last night the Paribas Open Exhibition took place in Madison Square Garden featuring Rafael Nadal and Juan Martin del Potro.  Rafa was making his first appearance on a hard court after his serious knee injury.  He has been busy competing in South America on his beloved clay courts.  Del Potro won the match, 7 -6, 6-4.  This was, of course, an exhibition match.  There were some wild and crazy antics to go along with the “serious” tennis.  Still gotta say, Rafa looks like he is ready to compete at Indian Wells in a little over a week.  Great to see him back and cannot wait to see the big four at Indian Wells, 1 Djokovic, 2 Federer, 3 Murray and 4 Nadal.  (Remember, I love Roger Federer!)  Also, good to see del Potro making such inroads into being a threat to unseat one of the big four at a major event.  Interestingly, the commentators last evening made a rather bold prediction, that as good as Rafa is looking, they did not expect him to win his 8th French Open title.  They believe the man from Serbia (Djokovic) will take it from him.  Um…OK, first things first, let’s see how the big four look at Indian Wells, CA first (albeit on a hard court, not clay)!  The other evening’ s match was between Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka.  These two women are so close atop the WTA rankings, there is virtually no distance between them with Serena currently at #1 by the slimmest of margins.  Serena won this match, 6 -4, 6-3.  These two seem to have a very friendly rivalry (always refreshing to see) and there is talk of them doing some karaoke together.  Perhaps Victoria’s BF, LMFAO lead singer can give them some pointers!

In another Paribas Open exhibition match in Hong Kong, Radwanksa defeated Wozniacki 6 -4, 6-4.  In the battle of the “old guys” Johny Mac prevailed over Lendl.  Calm down, John, don’t yell at me, I am just calling it like I see it, “older guys” sound better?

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