Falcons to LA rumor

Here we go again.  Another NFL team is being courted by LA.  Los Angeles is the largest metro area in the US that does not have a NFL franchise.  Reportedly, the commissioner, Roger Goodell wants a team in LA.  The Falcons are the latest team LA has set their sights on.  There are issues surrounding building a new stadium in Atlanta for the Falcons and the cost and who should pay for it and how, , etc., etc.  We all know that at the end of the day, Arthur Blank, CEO and owner of the Falcons, could just back the brinks truck up and pay for it if necessary.  LA previously was courting the Jacksonville Jaguars but now have perhaps moved on to the Falcons.  Would love to see a team in LA, they have not had one in almost twenty years.  Seriously doubt the Falcons will leave Atlanta, however.   Hey, I wish someone was wooing me in LA!!

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