Federer falls in 3rd round of Aussie Open..CALM DOWN!

OK people..yes, Roger Federer was upset last night by A. Seppi in four sets in the third round of the Australian Open (first Grand Slam of 2015)!  But really, calm down.  Federer played “poorly” by Federer standards.  He did not have his game and perhaps seemed a bit tired.  He has afterall, played a whole lot of tennis since November of 2014.  But all of the Federer will never win another Major talk is ridiculous!  Get some perspective..when Federer looses, the earth has fallen apart.  When Djokovic and Nadal both loose the week prior in Doha to unranked players while Federer wins Brisbane and secures his 1000th career victory, it is just a blimp in the tennis world.  I guess this may have something to do with the aura that is “FEDERER” but still, it is absurd. Roger was not himself in this match for sure, although he did battle til the end and Seppi played the match of his life.  Congrats to A. Seppi.  As for Roger..he will take some time off at last after only resting for eight days and come back in Dubai and Indian Wells.  Yes, it is a Major and that matters.  But relatively speaking, Roger is going to be better at Roland Garros and then Wimbledon.  When, if ever, has Roger served nine double faults?  (By the way, how about that sick tweener facing forward, already lighting up YouTube??)  Anyhow..Fed fans are sad (I am sad), Roger is out early in the first Grand Slam of the year..a Major that he has made the semifinals in for eleven years in a row!  But…again, perspective.  He is OK, we will be OK, and he will rest (at last) and recover and return.  Meanwhile, Rafa has looked stronger and stronger wlth each match after his prolonged absence due to injury.  Nole has been strong after recovering form a virus and Murray has looked the best he has looked in a long while.  Wawrinka (the defending champion) has look equally impressive.  So the Aussie Open continues on without Federer this year.  But, the year is just underway and Federer will be back and he will contend.  He will hopefully be strong at Indian Wells, as I intend to be there and do not want to make plans for the second week and find him out of the tournament (NO!!)  Not likely!  Meanwhile..we will enjoy the weekend and the final week of the tournament from down under.  Do not ignore Kei Nishikori…he looks really GOOD!

Moving to “Pop Culture”, I finally saw American Sniper, just in time for the SAG Awards and then the Oscars.  What a wonderful movie!  Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller are fantastic.  Clint Eastwood directs this moving picture and a few familiar faces surface..”Teddy” from Nashville and “Joel” from Parenthood among others.  This is a “must see” movie for sure!

Enjoy your Friday night..I was up til 2:30 am EST watching Mr. Federer and all the drama!  Later…

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