Federer over Murray in London..if you missed it…well..

Today in London, at the ATP Year End Finals, Roger Federer dismantled Andy Murray 6-0, 6-1 and if you missed it..well you flat out missed greatness on display.  This match featured 33 year old Roger Federer in all his glory, absolutely brilliant and in full flight as to why he is widely (in my mind, there is NO question) considered the GOAT and without question the greatest indoor tennis player in the world (yes, still the best!)  This match was a letdown for those who wanted to see a great, hard fought competitive match, but it was also kind of funny that in many ways, even though it was in London, (Andy is Scottish, adopted as a Brit) it was a home court crowd for Federer.  Wherever Roger plays, it is almost always a home court advantage.  It was really something to see when it comes to watching tennis perfection.  At one point, even Roger’s wife Mirka was shown on the screen, almost shaking her head at one of Roger’s brilliant shots.  So too were Stefan Edberg and S. Luthi along with the rest of the crowd in the O2 arena.  Anyhow, K Nishikori now advances along with Federer out of Group B into the semifinals on Saturday.  Tomorrow’s action will feature Group A, and we shall see if Wawrinka can join Djokovic in the semifinals from Group A.  Today, Nishikori won over David Ferrer (filling in for M. Raonic who had to withdraw due to a shoulder injury) 4-6, 6-3, 6-1.  Hey, it is hard to get a last minute call and head to London to play one match in the Year End Finals!

Meanwhile, a lot of great CFB in store this weekend.  Most notably, 1 Miss State at 5 Alabama (College GameDay will be in Tuscaloosa), 9 Auburn at 15 UGA, 3 FSU at Miami, 6 Arizona State at Oregon State, 23 Utah at Stanford, 8 Ohio State at 25 Minnesota, 16 Nebraska at 24 Texas A & M, Virginia Tech at 21 Duke, and…19 Clemson at 22 Georgia Tech (that is where I will be, noon kick off on ESPN immediately after GameDay).  I hope I got the latest College Football Playoff Poll rankings correct, apologies to all if not!

Tonight…too much must see TV so DVR must be activated!  Grey’s Anatomy, Bones, Parenthood, Big Bang Theory, Mom and Two and a Half Men! 

Finally, Wednesday came and went again, (that happens from time to time) so please check out my book Surviving “Paradise” by Susan Willoch Shaver!  See the HOME page at this website for more info and also check out the BUY THE BOOK option on the menu bar!

Have a great night!

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