Final AP and USA Today College Football standings

Sorry folks, a little late to the party today.  Must be “BCS title game hangover”?  Anyhow, the final AP and USA Today College Football standings are out.  Here they are…

AP: 1 Alabama, 2 Oregon (yes!), 3 Ohio State, 4 Notre Dame, 5 Texas A & M 5 Georgia (it’s a tie!), 7 Stanford (respect!), 8 South Carolina, 9 Florida, 10 Florida State

Interesting to note Clemson came in at #11, Kansas State at #12, Louisville at #13 and LSU at #14 (following loss to Clemson in Chick-fil-A bowl).  Congrats to Vanderbilt at #23!

USA Today poll: 1 Alabama, 2 Oregon, 3 Notre Dame, 4 Georgia, 5 Texas A & M, 6 Stanford, 7 South Carolina, 8 FSU, 9 Clemson and 10 Florida.

Of note: Kansas State at #11, LSU at #12 and Louisville at #13.  Way to go Vandy at #20!

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