First BCS poll out…

For better or worse, the first BCS poll is out!  Numbers 1 – 10 are as follows: 1 Alabama, 2 Florida, 3 Oregon, 4 Kansas State, 5 Notre Dame, 6 LSU, 7 South Carolina, 8 Oregon State, 9 Oklahoma and 10 USC.  Why did Oregon drop from 2 to 3???  Perhaps Florida rose on the basis of their win over LSU who just beat South Carolina who had previously whipped Georgia?  Don’t know anything except one thing is certain; there will be changes before all is said and done.  A lot more college football remains to be played!

ALCS: Detroit over Yankees 3-0  Tigers take 2-0 lead in the series.

New York football teams fared better as both Giants and Jets won today.

Two good battles going on tonight:  Green Bay leads Houston on Sunday Night Football and in the first  NLCS game, the Giants trail St. Louis 4-6 in the 5th.

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