For better or worse…the BCS is out…

The BCS Poll is now out for our viewing, reviewing, arguing, etc.  The big question, since this is what we have, will they get it right when it matters, when all the games are played and it is time to pick the top two.  Remains to be seen…for now, here is where we are:  1 Kansas State, 2 Oregon, 3 Notre Dame, 4 Alabama, 5 Georgia, 6 Florida, 7 LSU, 8 Texas A & M, 9 South Carolina, and 10 Florida State.

With the upset of Alabama by Texas A & M, all the talk is already about whether a one loss SEC team can make it to the BCS Championship game?  Well, not if two out of the top three (Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame) do not lose a game.  Right??  Then again, how does Kansas State vs. Notre Dame sound for the BCS game?  Probably not what we are all hoping for.  I want to see Oregon in the game.  They have work to do, and if they do, they should and will be there.  Who else?  I don’t know, but I do grow more and more impressed with Kansas State.  This is not going to be easy, but year after year, it never is.  And there is really no way to make everyone happy!  It is the system we now have, so wait and see what transpires.  Three more weeks to work it all out!

Pretty good game on MNF between Houston and Chicago (Houston up 10 -3).

Still pumped up about Federer over Murray and Federer vs. Djokovic tomorrow!!!


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