Georgia Tech 2013 recruiting class gets a “D” from bleacherreport

Georgia Tech’s 2013 recruiting class did not crack the top forty, it did not bring razzle dazzle and all kinds of ESPN coverage. Still, it should be a solid class that  CPJ has recruited to fill his needs for the “system” at the flats.  Bleacherreport has very kindly given it a “D”.  Gee, thanks for that.  Anyhow, two notables are OT Shamire DeVine and RB Donavan Wilson.  Georgia Tech has always done a very good job of taking two and three star recruits and coaching them up to 3.5 and better athletes.  Let’s hope the Jackets got what they will need to get it going next year and in the years to come.

Meanwhile, the other team in Georgia, the dawgs, well, they are once again ranked as a top ten recruiting class (they almost always are).

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