Georgia Tech falls in Death Valley to Clemson, 55 – 31

Well folks, it wasn’t pretty.  If you are a Georgia Tech fan at least.  Georgia Tech lost last night on ESPN to Clemson in Death Valley, 55 – 31.  Georgia Tech really did not play poorly.  They were just beaten by a better team.  They could not stop the prolific offense that Clemson has with Tajh Boyd, McDowell at RB. Sammy Watkins. etc.  Georgia Tech was out of it early, trailing 20 -0 before you could blink.  They then managed a score to make it 20 – 7.  At one point, they actually pulled to within 10 points, 27 – 17.  The defense, which by the way is really much improved this year, played hard.  Attaochu is a beast.  Robert Godhigh (5′ 7″) played like the stud he is.  That long TD run was something for Jacket fans to enjoy.  But Clemson just could not be stopped on offense.  GT is not a great come from behind team.  Tajh Boyd, Clemson QB extraordinaire set a couple of ACC records, becoming the first QB in history to accumulate 10,000 passing yards and 1000 rushing yards (he is a 5th year senior).  He also broke the career TD passing mark of Phillip Rivers.  Kudos to Clemson.  Not too much to be ashamed about for Georgia Tech, however.  Just beaten by a better team on their home field.  Next up for GT, Alabama A & M and then…the Dawgs.

This story, or this “alleged” story about FSU QB Jameis Winston is ugly.  At least what little we know about this story.  The timing of this is certainly suspicious.  That old saying, build them up just to tear them down is certainly relevant here.  We do not know what, if any, involvement this young man had in this awful incident.  The first concern should of course be with the victim.  It is interesting that he has exercised his right to not incriminate himself and thus not comment.  He may be innocent, he may be guilty, or he may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Non the less, the mere mention of “sexual assault” makes one cringe.  Johnny “Football” Manziel signing memorabilia for pay seems like nothing when compared to this ugly story.  I hope this young man is cleared and exonerated.  But, I fear the mere mention of it has cost him the Heisman.  We shall wait and see as this situation works its way through the legal system.

Moving to Indy Racing…sad news yesterday, especially for me.  Dario Franchitti announced he was retiring due to injuries sustained in a crash on October 6th in Houston.  Medical opinion was that he could not continue racing without risking his life.  Really hate to hear this news..he was “my guy”.  Will not be the same without Dario.  Sort of like that dreaded day when Roger Federer hangs up the racquet and calls it a day.  Luckily, that is not going to happen anytime soon!  Best wishes to Dario!

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