Georgia Tech wins Sun Bowl!!!!

The seven year curse is over!  Georgia Tech has won the Sun Bowl, defeating USC 21 – 7.  What a performance by the Jackets, especially the defense under “interim” defensive coordinator Charles Kelly.  We wore the navy jerseys and we won!!  So proud to be a GT fan today!  Find it interesting that there was a dinner earlier in the week and USC, disappointed in their season and the fact that they were playing in the Sun Bowl and not somewhere else, decided to not show up.  Can I say, ‘NO class”.  Georgia Tech players came and after a hour and a half, asked if they could leave.  Well, they showed up for the game and WON!!!

Congrats to the seniors, thank you Tevin Washington, Orwin Smith (who scored a TD on a pass after suffering shoulder injury in the first half, Rod Sweeting (MVP of the game) and all the other seniors!  What a great way to go out, winning the first bowl game for GT in eight years.

The future is bright.  Let the Vad Lee era begin!  But, for now, thank you to the seniors and all the GT players who held their heads up high and went out and played a heck of a ball game!!

In the Liberty Bowl, 3rd quarter score, Tulsa leads Iowa State, 28 – 17.  I admit, I have not watched a minute of this game as I have watched my Yellow Jackets win.

Stay tuned…Liberty Bowl final to come and then LSU vs Clemson in the Chick-fil-A bowl!

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